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Our founder has worked in every aspect of the construction industry including paving, concrete and building gas stations. The latter brought him to the Murrieta area, where he decided to settle in 1989. 

As he gained more experience and licenses, he decided to start his own company to offer his experience in building and industry compliance to the business and residential communities.

Founded in 1995, Maples and Associates is the go-to construction, building and engineering contracting firm in the Inland Empire.


Maples and Associates is building a legacy to be the best construction, building and engineering contracting firm in the Inland Empire and is dedicated to help our clients build their legacy as well.



Leasing and property management locations



Hiring local and working local



New construction, tenant improvements, and remodels



New construction and remodels


Pre-construction planning is determining what needs to be done and by what resources before a job starts. The goal is to understand the full scope of a project and its requirements.

A complete planning phase should include the project definition, potential issues, scheduling, milestones, scope, a cost estimate, additional requirements and an overall needs analysis.

It is also when project managers share relevant information with a client to assist in deciding if they should follow through with the plan or not. Additional funding to allow for possible complications or changes may be discussed.

When a client agrees to move forward, the contractor will present the project outline, cost breakdown and schedule. This information is also passed to the construction team to ensure all parties understand what their role is for the project. Maples and Associates has the planning skills for every construction project.

Project Management

The difference in managing a construction project, in comparison to other types of projects, is that construction is primarily mission-based. This means that the project’s organization ends with the finish of the project build.

There are two areas in construction: residential and commercial. Depending on the sector, there can be up to four different types of projects:

  • Residential home building and renovation
  • Heavy industrial construction
  • Commercial and institutional construction
  • Engineering construction

Maples and Associates has the experience to assist you in each of these areas.


Construction projects can be difficult to manage. There are many stakeholders, phases, responsibilities, and tasks involved. It can be challenging to ensure everything runs smoothly.

While typical project management skills are helpful, executing a successful construction project is more complex because the typical construction project manager has many responsibilities. This may seem overwhelming, but having the right plan and strategy makes the job easier.

Maples and Associates has the experience and knowledge to ensure a successful construction project.

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